Doc’s 10 inch Skimmer Sock


Skimmer sock air filter

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The protein skimmer works by creating foam using air to bond with proteins/organic matter. In this process the exhaust coming out of the skimmer is a salty mist mixed with organic particulate.  Most of the time you cannot visually see the exhaust. Over time you notice salt creep residue on surfaces around the skimmer vents, aquarium equipment and cabinet. Even the cleanest skimmers will leave a residue around the vent holes. Doc’s skimmer sock will filter this air preventing damage to your equipment and the surfaces around your skimmer. In the event you decide to wet skim or your skimmer over reacts, the skimmer sock will save your gear and prevent over spill onto your stand and equipment.

We add the skimmer sock to every new aquarium build and design. It is super useful in preventing damage to the brand new equipment.

Currently we offer the skimmer sock in four different sizes and will have others available soon. Private message us at with your size and we will get you one ordered up.


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