Doc aquarium established in 1995 with the main focus of designing, building and maintaining perfect balanced ecosystem. Delivering healthy fish to a stable system and keeping them at perfect health requires diligent aquarium practices. We feel any fish at the peak of health is a perfect fish and we love what we do.

Our Success

Doc Aquarium has a passionate drive to stay on top of the latest technology, biology and equipment. We have a special interest and responsibility with nature that inspires us to do what we need to do and care for the animals we look after. As we look for the absolute best in aquarium biology we have learned many techniques in filtration and beneficial bacterial growth. Successful aquariums and ponds have become more advanced by identifying and developing the beneficial bacteria and fine tuning proper filtration to consume the very nutrients plaguing our tanks with high unbalance nutrient levels.

The Founder Founder Kevin Phoenix, started a passion for aquariums at age 11 and has been an avid hobbyist ever since. Even as a young child he was fascinated with the aquatic world. Kevin spent time working on school art projects and even the first grammatical assignments with the marine life in mind. Acquiring books about ocean life filled the book shelves. Once the local fish store was discovered it was a quick 20 minute bike ride conveniently placed for Kev’s daily visits. In 1984 he was hired by a local killifish breeder and at Age 13 he was hired at Jim’s Exotic fish and has been working professionally with aquariums ever since. Kevin established Doc Aquarium in 1995 after working in the field for 13 years.