Tyree Green toadstool

Great growing coral that will not overgrow an area quickly. Colorful and very manageable.


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Tyree Green Toadstool

The Tyree Toadstool has the best ultra bright green coloring out of most toadstools. Growth patterns are good with some good ridges. We have experienced this coral does like to shed off little pieces to asexually reproduce. 

Lighting: medium – high lighting 150-450 PAR. 

Flow: medium – medium high 

Care Level: Easy 

Original Location Range: Indonesia, Coral Triangle, South Pacific

Grown in our California coral farm where we provide zero impact corals

Water chemistry: Calcium 400-450, Magnesium 1350, KH 7-9.5, pH 8.1-8.4, Nitrates .01-10, Phosphates .01-.1 salinity 1.026

Temperature Range: 74- 81 Fahrenheit 

Good for Low tech systems

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