Red Planet Acropora

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Coral fragments are approximately 1″ and fully encrusted onto a ceramic disk or plug.


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The Red Planet Acropora is one of the most popular and hardiest of the acropora species for the marine aquaria. It has a greenish tint hue mixed with red at the base, bright red branches and lighter red on the tips. It can grow out in a table like structure and branch off into several levels.  This particular strain was acquired from Garret’s acropolis in 2010 and has been growing well in our systems ever since. We add this species to all our custom aquarium builds because it grows well, it is a bullet proof acropora and everybody loves a red coral. During aquarium maintenance clip back overgrown branches that will crowd in the coral or grow into another coral. You will want to keep good water flow through it.

One of the more challenging corals due to the fact chemistry levels need to be stable in order for this coral to do well. Regular testing of alkalinity and calcium are required. Flow needs to be alternating and strong. The colors will look great with good lighting, flow and certain nutrient levels.
Lighting: medium high – strong lighting 250-450 PAR.

Flow: medium – high

Care Level: intermediate- advanced

Original Location Range: Indonesia, Coral Triangle, South Pacific

Grown in our California coral farm where we provide zero impact corals

Water chemistry Calcium 400-450, Magnesium 1350, KH 7-9.5, pH 8.1-8.4, Nitrates .01-10, Phosphates .01-.1 salinity 1.026

Temperature Range: 74- 81 Fahrenheit

Dosing: Doc highly recommends automated dosing of Ca, Kh and other elements to provide ultimate stable water chemistry throughout the day. It is important there are no large fluctuation swings especially with Kh/alkalinity. For more information on dosing and products click here.

Placement recommendations: Acropora coral will do best in the upper 1/3 of the aquarium where light and flow is high. Best to have alternating flow in a back and forth motion.

Attachment: Use epoxy and reef glue or just reef glue for smaller fragments. Clip off as much of the plug or disc possible. Add a small amount of coral glue to the underside of the disk. Mix up enough two part epoxy to create a small mound and dab it a few times into the glue to get it tacky then press and mold a conical shape. Add a few small daps to the tip of the cone dabbing the glue so it really sticks to the epoxy. Press the coral disk onto the desired location and press the epoxy flat around the disk. Be sure the coral is fully secure, the coral should never fall off the reef.

Click here for our favorite epoxy and reef glues.


Trouble shooting: Acros can and will brown out easy especially went first added to a new environment. Do not be alarmed if your colorful Acropora fragment browns out for a while. They will also brown out from any unstable levels, keeping consistent water parameters is best for the coral. Pests like acropora eating flatworms aka aefw will cause the coral to brown out and stress out. Keep an eye out for slow tissue necrosis and rapid tissue necrosis.



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