Rastas Zoanthid


Fragments will be approximately 3-5 polyps and fully encrusted onto a frag plug or disk.

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Rasta zoanthids get the name for the color patterns. Having a purple oral center then rings of red, yellow, green, blue and purple with green tentacles gives these corals everything you can get out of a color wheel. We acquired these through a Reef Central trade around 2010 and have been growing them out ever since. Rastas are a must have in most of our reef aquarium designs. During aquarium maintenance, place reef rubble around the colony in the desired location you wish to keep it. The polyps will encrust onto the rubble and be removed as needed. 

Lighting: medium- medium high lighting 50-150 PAR.

Flow: medium to medium high flow

Care Level: Easy

Original Location Range: Indonesia, Coral Triangle, South Pacific            

Grown in our California coral farm where we provide zero impact corals

Water chemistry: Calcium 400-450, Magnesium 1290-1350, KH 7-9.5, pH 8.1-8.4, Nitrates .01-10, Phosphates .01-.1, salinity 1.026

Temperature Range: 74- 81 Fahrenheit

Feeding requirements: Regular feedings are recommended in low nutrient environments. Feed a variety of your favorite foods and amino acids. Target feeding is always best and be sure your coral is taking in the food and not just sliming it off.


Dosing: Doc highly recommends automated dosing of Ca, Kh and other elements to provide ultimate stable water chemistry throughout the day. It is important there are no fluctuations especially with Kh/alkalinity. For more information on dosing and products click here.


Placement recommendations: Place the coral in an area like and edge in front so the zoanthid can grow out like a matt. Keep a safe distance from other corals so it does not harm or get harmed by other corals. This coral is good to grow in vertical areas where others cannot. In our larger aquarium builds we like to place these on a rock islands on the sand up close to the glass for optimal viewing. It will never grow outwards into the glass and it will stay on the island garden worry free from growing all over the reef.


Attachment: We like to clip off the exposed disk areas for our custom aquarium reef builds. Add a small amount of coral glue to the underside of the disk. Mix up enough two part epoxy to create a small mound and dab it a few times into the glue to get it tacky then press and mold a conical shape. Add a few small daps to the tip of the cone dabbing the glue so it really sticks to the epoxy. Press the coral disk onto the desired location and press the epoxy flat around the disk. Be sure the coral is fully secure, the coral should never fall off the reef. You can also skip the epoxy and rub a little coral glue onto the reef area so the glue sticks and use only reef glue on the coral to attach.



Click here for our favorite epoxy and reef glues.


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