Fuji Apple Devils Hand Leather Coral


An easy and coral to enjoy, fragments will be around 2″ – 3″.



Having a shade of light green body and light pink polyps places this strain of the Lobophytum  species at the top. This is one of our favorites of all the leather corals, a super peaceful easy coral. It will grow out several fingers. Keep this coral small in your nano aquarium or grow it large in a monster tank as it will do whatever you desire. Good for Low tech systems. You will want to have 14k-20k lighting to see the best color. 

Lighting: medium – high lighting 150-450 PAR. 

Flow: medium – medium high 

Care Level: Easy 

Original Location Range: Indonesia, Coral Triangle, South Pacific

Grown in our California coral farm where we provide zero impact corals

Water chemistry: Calcium 400-450, Magnesium 1350, KH 7-9.5, pH 8.1-8.4, Nitrates .01-10, Phosphates .01-.1 salinity 1.026

Temperature Range: 74- 81 Fahrenheit 

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