Custom Aquarium Installation

This is one of the newer custom aquariums that Doc Aquarium built and installed in early 2013.

It’s a 420 gallon office tank of one of our clients in Malibu.

The tank was sculpted by our master aquarist Kevin Phoenix, and all the corals come from our greenhouse. The corals are young, and growing very fast under LEDs.

When we create any tank for our customers, we give them the full package deal; Including all sand, water, live rock, coral, fish and inverts.

With is particular tank, we created the filtration room outside the house.

We currently maintain it, service it, and provide the client with all the supplies needed to keep the beautiful reef tank growing and healthy.


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Los Angeles Saltwater Fish Tanks

DocAquarium create custom saltwater fish tanks for the greater Los Angeles area. DocAquarium focuses on aesthetic and functionality when customizing saltwater fish tanks in Los Angeles. More than just exquisite custom saltwater fish tanks, DocAquarium do reef designs to those who reside in Los Angeles. From customizing saltwater fish tanks to maintaining them, if your in the Los Angeles area DocAquarium is your one stop shop.