Microscopic Diagnosis

Microscopic Diagnosis is Doc Aquariums specialty!

Extracting a tissue sample

The diagnosis can be done on both marine and fresh water fish, especially Koi. Doc performs a microscopic examination of the sick fish, by looking at the tissue mucus of the fish.

The evaluation includes a cross visual exam and microscopic examination of gills, fins, and skin.  Once the disease has been determined, Doc uses the best treatment for a speedy recovery, and prevents the infection from spreading to other fish or invertebrates  in the tank or pond.



Parasites under the microscope:

x200 Magnification of Ichthyophthirius

x100 Magnification of Cryptocaryon


x100 magnification Lymphocistis

Parasites on fish:

Lymphocystis is seen in this young emperorfish:

Lymphocystis is seen in this young emperorfish:


Lymphocystis attacks skin and fish tissue. It is also known as nodule disease. This infection occurs regularly in marine fish if they are treated roughly or transported under very stressful conditions.



Ichthyophthirius or Ich is seen in this tang:

Ichthyophthirius or Ich is seen in this tang


Ichthyophthirius multifiliis (ich) is a common disease in freshwater and saltwater fish. It can be recognized by the typical white spots on skin, fins, and gills.


Other diseases that can be identified are bacterial infections, inflammations, raised scales, fungal infections, and other parasitic infections to name a few.

There are several methods to treat the fish. We can either treat it in the customers tank, or bring it to your own quarantine tank. We are fully equipped to care for sick fish and nurture them back to health!


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Doc comes to diagnose your aquarium or fish pond and determine what kind of diseases/parasites or other issues are occurring in your eco system.

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