Tunze Turbelle® Stream Wide Flow Pump 6255


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Tunze Stream 6255 WIDE FLOW is a low voltage DC pump suitable for use with Tunze electronic pump controllers, such as 7092, 7095 and 7096.

Stream 6255 is unique in that incorporates a very large 3″ diameter output and produces a very wide flow, it is ideal for tanks wider than 36″. It is suitable for aquariums up to 1050 gallons and produces a flow rate of 1300-4800 gph. The cutaway intake area and forward nozzle increase overall flow rate, while the extra wide forward opening increases the diameter of the moving Stream. This design is the result of extensive testing and represents the best balance between width and turbulence of the flow pattern. It includes a magnet holder suitable for aquariums up to 1″ thick.

The pump features an automatic shut-down that will stopped the pump immediately in case of blockage. After the blockage has been removed, the pump will start up automatically after a delay of 20 seconds. The pump control is thermally protected and its power supply unit is protected against shortcircuit and thermal overload. The 6255 also includes a fish care function that rotates the propeller slowly once every 20 seconds in feeding and maintenance mode to prevent fish from staying in the housing.


  • Tunze propeller technology
  • Low motor heat
  • 3D adjustment
  • Includes Magnet Holder with silence clamp
  • Controllable speed, wave simulation, tidal currents with Tunze pump controllers (sold separately)


  • for tanks up to 1,050 gallons.
  • Flow performance: approximately 1,300 to 4,800 gph
  • Energy consumption: max. 58 W
  • Power supply unit: 110-120V/50-60Hz
  • Length of cable: 16ft.
  • Dimensions: ø90 mm (3.5 in.), output: ø75 mm (3 in.)
  • Magnet Holder with Silence Clamp with pane thickness up to 27 mm (1.06 in.).
  • Made in Germany, 2-year manufacturer`s warranty
Weight 4 lbs