Super Reef Octopus XP1000 Space Saver (125 Gallon) Internal Cone Protein Skimmers


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Super Reef Octopus Space Saver Cone Skimmer

We are proud to introduce you to our Super Reef Octopus® product line. With the most innovative skimmer and calcium reactor designs on the market there is no reason to look any further. They use of our Bubble Blaster/Water Blaster pumps that include a 3-year warranty. The SSS stands for Super Sump Saver. This model incorporates all the same benefits of the XP design but has the pump built into the bottom of the skimmer which allows for a much smaller footprint inside the sump. The XP cone design puts very little back pressure on the pump because there is little resistance from the base of the skimmer all the way up to the collection cup. Less resistance means more skimming ability for the pump to work at its maximum output. When space is limited look to our SSS models.

  • Super Reef Octopus® 6″ Space Saver Cone Skimmer
  • Dimensions: 9.5″ x 7.5″ x 20.5″
  • Rated up to 125gal.
  • Features the new Bubble Blaster HY1000S Skimmer Pump
  • High quality machine welded cast acrylic construction
  • High-performance design
  • 3-year warranty on Bubble Blaster pump. 1-year warranty on skimmer. Lifetime warranty on support.


Weight 5 lbs