ORA Screaming Green Birdsnest Seriatopora (Seriatopora guttatus)

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Care Level: Moderate
Temperament: Peaceful
Lighting: High
Waterflow: Medium to Strong
Placement: Middle to Top
Water Conditions: 72-78° F, dKH 8-12, pH 8.1-8.4, sg 1.023-1.025
Color Form: Green, Orange
Supplements: Calcium, Magnesium, Strontium, Trace Elements
Origin: Doc’s Greenhouse, Malibu, Ca. Also found in Indo Pacific, and Australia.
Family: Pocilloporidae

 Screaming Green Birdsnest Seriatopora 

Seriatopora corals are available in a variety of different colors and growth forms. The Seriatopora are found in the shallow waters thru-out the indo pacific region.

The green seriatopora has beautiful bright green coloring from the polyps to the branches.

It requires high lighting and moderate to high flow.  Place it in a  high part of the aquarium where it will get plenty of nutrients and trace elements. 

Seriatoporas should also be fed different foods such as, live baby brine shrimp, zooplankton and phyloplankton.

Weight 3 lbs
Coral Size

2″ Frag, 1-1.5″ Frag


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