Fauna Marin Ultra Food Energiser

Fauna Marin Ultra Food Energizer 100ML


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High quality emulsion spray consisting of marine oils, vitamins, herbal extracts and valuable amino acids. Especially for enrichment of freeze-dried as well as algae and leaves. Effective herbal extracts to strengthen the forces of resistance and to promote preparedness and spawning coloration.
Ultra Food Energizer consists of a selected mix of high-quality oils and omega-3 fatty acids, which have been specially blended to meet the needs of our coral fish.

Shake well before use. Several small on a feed portion (20 g). Ultra Food Energizer can not be overdosed, but should be used sparingly. Store in cool, dry place.

ULTRA Food Energizer containing:
Water 30%, fat 67%

Vitamin A 40,000.00 μ / kg
Vitamin D3 4000 μ / kg
Vitamin E 3,600 mg / kg
Vitamin C 8500 mg / kg
Vitamin B 12 30 mg / kg
Vitamin B 6 15 mg / kg
organic acids, 5%
Aminoacidmix 6%
Omega-3 fatty acids 800 mg / g
Natural Carotenoids
Garlic Extract
Marine natural oils


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