Custom Stand Options & Colors

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Custom sizes and colors are available.

Examples of custom stands:

Extra height on stands

10″ to 12″ high canopies

Fan holes for stands and canopies

Cut-out for overflow/pre-filter

Enclosed/Finished Back on Stands

Enclosed/Finished Back on Canopies

Enclosed/Finished Back on Doors

Flip -Top and access doors on canopies

Optional reef doors for Es style stands

White Wash or Black finish on oak, pine or maple

Custom color/color matching on oak, pine or maple


Colors Available
Oak Natural Oak Light Oak Medium Oak  Dark Oak Red Oak Whitewash oak*  Black Oak*  Dark Cherry Oak
MDF Flat Black Flat       White*
Pine Natural Pine Light Pine Medium Pine Dark Pine Red Pine Whitewash oak*  Black Pine*  Expresso Pine
Maple Natural Maple Light Maple Medium Maple Expresso Maple Dark Cherry Maple
Combo Wood: Natural Maple Light Maple  Red Maple  Natural Oak  Light Oak  Red Oak  Natural  Pine
Light Pine Red Pine
              MDF:  Flat Black
*Extra Charge

Contact us for more information on how to get your custom stand today!