CAD Lights Pipeless Protein Skimmer


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NEW Original design from CAD Lights Aquariums.HAVE YOU EVER WISHED TO HAVE A 100G SKIMMER FOR A MUCH SMALLER TANK? At only 4.75″ X 4.75″, The PLS-100 can fit into your Tiniest spaces yet deliver a powerful dose of Protein skimming. THE PERFECT SOLUTION TO RESTRICTED AND TIGHT SUMP SPACES IN NEED OF A POWERFUL PROTEIN SKIMMER.CAD Lights Aquariums original and totally innovative design of the first ever True Pipeless protein skimmer. Yes, all Wedgepipes, Ball Valves, Gate Valves or any other external flow control mechanism have been removed. By removing these external parts, CAD Lights have effectively slimmed down the skimmer footprint dramatically by almost 40% smaller. Great to also maximize your sump space and improve overall efficiency. The PLS-100 uses CAD Light`s powerful TIA-1150 skimmer pump rated for up to 70G-100G. The Extreme compacted footprint of 4.75″ x 4.75″ allows it to fit into the smallest sumps or sump chambers.Unlike traditional Protein skimmers, CAD Light`s New Pipeless PLS-100 utilizes its own body to regulate and control the foaming level and pressure. One turn of the skimmer body in one direction controls your foam up and another simple turn to the opposite direction brings the pressure level down. The unique pump pressure is designed to force an extremely low friction surface between the hand smoothed skimmer base and top to give you a smooth surface always for controls.The PLS-100 is small in size, but Big on performance. This is the same pump and flexi-plastic impeller system that we use on CAD Light`s popular and time tested TIA-1150 Conic protein skimmer.


  • Extremely small overall dimensions: 4.75″(L) x 4.75″(W) x 18.75″(H)
  • Powerful TIA-1150 Skimmer pump
  • GPH: 375GPH
  • Wattage: 20W
  • Air draw: 315 L/H
  • Optimum Water level 5″-8″

Load recommendations:

  • Light bio-load (100G)
  • Medium bio-load (80G)
  • Heavy bio-load (60G)

*100% Cell-Cast acrylic. High quality Craftsmanship.

Weight 3 lbs