ASM Protein Skimmers


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ASM protein skimmers deliver when other skimmers fail. ASM harnesses a patented technique of needle wheel technology. Built from top to bottom with high quality scratch resistant extruded PVC tubing and the injection molded plastic acrylic provides you with not only a skimmer that will perform day in and day out, but can withstand the wear and tear of every day use in the reef aquarium. They are made at a lower cost, which will not affect the performance or quality, yet pass the savings on to you. These hand-made protein skimmers are easy to install, simply place inside your sump, plug it in, and adjust the out pipe flow rate. The out pipe on these skimmers is fully adjustable, it is merely a brisk up and down motion to raise and lower the height of the outlet pipe to dial in flow rate precisely with ease and accuracy.

ASM’s come complete with a Sedra pump or G series pump which is modified to create and produce some of the highest amount of bubbles per square inch of water, on the market today. They perform best, when placed directly in your sump.


Series Mini G G-1 G-2 G-3 G-4 G-6
Body Size 4 1/2” 5 1/2” 6 1/2” 6 1/2” 8 1/2” 8 1/2”
Height 20 1/2” 19 25 24 24 48
Foot Print 5.5” x 7.5” 8.5” x 10” 10” x 11” 11” x 12” 11.5” x 16” 18” x 19”
Pump G300 Needle Wheel pump G-500 Pump Sedra 3500 Sedra 5000 Sedra 5000 Sedra 15000
Tank size 75 Gal 100 Gal 200 Gal 250 Gal 350 Gal 1200 Gal

*G-2 Model shown in picture

Weight 3 lbs

Mini G, G-1, G-2, G-3, G-4, G-6