Los Angeles Aquarium Maintenance

Doc Aquarium provides excellent aquarium maintenance to the greater Los Angeles area. Doc Aquarium offers Los Angeles custom maintenance packages for Fresh and Saltwater systems, Koi Ponds,  Living Reef Systems, and Water Features. Maintenance packages are created based on our Los Angeles clients needs and budget.

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  1. I loved this as a kid, but I’ve been twice disappointed when I bhougt it for my own children. Just like others, we have gotten the sludge at the bottom of the tank. However, I have a few suggestions that might help. (1) Mix the solution really well. The gel that they provide is so heavy that it sinks to the bottom of the tank and promotes growth spreading out along the bottom, rather than up. (2) Use 1/3 of the rocks to make the bedrock for the second batch. We did get the sludge with these rocks, but it is true that the second batch needs to be placed on this bedrock rather than on a sludge-free place in the tank. (3)Our most useful discovery was when we suspected the rocks are old and oxidized. I scraped the surfaces of each rock with a nail file to expose new material. (4) I haven’t completely solved the problem of the rocks growing up and spreading out across the surface of the water, but I suspect that scraping all of the surfaces will promote multiple slender columns rather than one chimney that reaches the water’s surface and then spreads out. (5) Because the rock scraping is time consuming and I am still experimenting with the product, I have not yet poured out the old solution and replaced it with fresh water. If I had been more on top of that (growing them in a day rather than over the course of a week), I might have been able to preserve the intense colors of the rocks. I hope these suggestions help, or at least spur new thinking on how to make these rocks grow beautifully like they did in the good old days!’

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