Reef & Coral Closeups

Here are some of our reef tanks with our corals!

These corals, all came from our greenhouse and are in clients tanks, some of which we’ve been servicing for 15 years!

If you see a coral in this gallery that we don’t have in our store, just send us a request and we’ll get you a frag!


The fish may be the stars of an aquarium, but nothing adds beauty, mystery, and texture like exotic corals. Many people have a vision of what they think coral looks like. The reality is that there are dozens of types of corals available and each gives its own appeal and personality to an aquarium.

Exotic corals aren’t just for the fun and beauty of the plants themselves. They also provide valuable hiding and living space for the fish that will live in your aquarium. In their natural environment, fish use coral to create a safe, comfortable space to hide and rest. The goal for creating a healthy and happy aquarium is to mimic this natural behavior as much as possible. Providing corals for your fish will keep them at their peak throughout their life while also adding infinite visual detail to your aquatic habitat.

At Doc Aquarium, we are extremely proud of our corals. In past years, companies had to harvest corals right out of the ocean in order to offer them to consumers who wanted to add natural corals to their aquariums. This damaged the environment and contributed to the decline of the incredible coral reefs. This is not how we provide you with the most fantastic array of corals available. Instead, we raise, nurture, and harvest our own corals.

Our greenhouse is located right in Malibu. Specially designed to cultivate corals and raise fish, this greenhouse allows us to harness the natural power of sunlight to grow the strongest, healthiest, and most beautiful corals. This means that our corals have no impact on the coral reefs or the health of the ocean. The use of the sun also requires low energy, further cementing our commitment to environmental friendliness.

Nurturing our own corals also means that we can provide an incredible range of unique corals with consistent health and quality. From the classic mushroom corals, to the vibrant chalices, acros, montis, and palys, we offer coral for every type of aquarium.

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