Aquarium & Designs


Aquariums appeal to a tremendous array of people, but that doesn’t mean that everybody needs to have the same aquarium. At Doc Aquarium, we believe that there is no such thing as a run of the mill fish tank or pond. That is because there are so many different options and ways to personalize and customize your aquatic habitat; you should never feel like you have to settle for the same design you saw in someone else’s home or business.

Doc Aquarium’s custom aquarium design services take into consideration the space  you can provide, the impression you want to achieve with your tank, and the type of corals or plants, and fish you would like to welcome into your space. We make sure that we are not just placing a previous design into your area because it is convenient. Instead, we work with you to bring your fish tank or pond dreams into reality with a sleek, sharp look that you can only find with modern up to date technology in aquarium and pond designs.

Whether you want a small and elegant aquarium for your kitchen, a dramatic piece of art for your living room, or just something simple and pleasant to look at while sitting at your desk,  we can help integrate custom aquariums into your home or business, and then populate it with the perfect fish and plants.

Every new aquarium design is an opportunity for personal expression and creativity. It is truly a piece of art when a personalized aquatic habitat comes to life in your home, office, or professional working environment. Imagine an aquarium design following the curves of your staircase, or built into the floor of your foyer as an introduction into your home, or inset into the wall as a room divider. Your imagination can run wild when designing your custom aquariums with Doc Aquarium. We are truly passionate about everything in our fish aquarium designs, excited to collaborate an idea and create something amazing for you.

Once we have designed your perfect aquatic habitat, the real fun begins. We can work with you to choose the exotic corals, aquatic plants, and beautiful fish that will fill your tank and give your space movement, texture, and incredible visual appeal. You just cannot beat the professionalism, customer care, and awesomeness Doc Aquarium provides.

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