Doc’s original planted aquarium design

Doc recently built an original, underwater tree forest theme, planted aquarium design. The tank holds 270 gallons, is lit up by a 6 bulb ATI T5 Sunpower with the Gieseman Midday Sun T5 bulbs, and the Gieseman Aquaflora T5 bulbs. The substrate used was the ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia, and ADA Power Sand. We used simple filter socks off the overflow for mechanical filtration, a small fluidized sand filter for biological, and a carbon bag. For co2 injection for accelerated plant growth we installed a 5lb Co2 tank and regulator, which injects the co2 air into a diffuser to properly mix the co2 and water. We hope to get a Neptune system installed soon for close online monitoring and to control co2 injection. The client likes one of the true kings of the freshwater world, the Discuss, so we added a team off these beauties. The Aquarium Was filled with starter plants. Watch out for future progression shots in our galleries.

Here’s a shot of the tank before the fish went in:


The branches are constructed by Poseidon Construction made from epoxy, and Doc used amazon aqua soil in the bottom of the aquarium.

The tank is filled with bright beautiful fish like these red checkerboard discus


Check out a video below, and stay tuned to see the new plants and fish being added in the next couple of weeks.

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