Is preeminent in underwater habitats, focusing on aesthetic and functionality. We offer exquisite custom tank and reef design, as well as ponds and water features. We also implement sophisticated plumbing design to guarantee practicality and efficiency.

Doc’s House Call

Doc Aquarium offers custom maintenance packages for Fresh and Saltwater systems, Living Reef Systems, Koi Ponds and Water Features. Packages are created based on our clients needs and budget. Maintenance Packages We offer custom service packages based on the specs and needs of your habitat. We currently offer Service on a Weekly & Bi – weekly basis, Monthly & Bi- Monthly basis and also by appointment Refurbishing Additionally, we offer refurbishing services to revamp your existing habitat: Polishing and restoring either acrylic or glass tanks. Redesigning interior landscapes. Replacing older pumps and filter to Energy efficient units.

Over his head in work, Poncho Really dives in refurbishing of our clients tank !

Microscopic Diagnosis     Hospitalization We offer transport and medicated quarantine hospitalization for sick and injured fish at our Malibu location. Food & Supply Delivery For our clients we offer fish, coral, food and supply delivery. *Only available to those within the Greater Los Angeles Area All others may utilize mail ordering via our Products Page Contact for quotes and to schedule a consultation

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