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Aquariums appeal to a tremendous array of people, but that doesn’t mean that everybody needs to have the same aquarium. At Doc Aquarium, we believe that there is no such thing as a run of the mill fish tank or pond. That is because there are so many different options and ways to personalize and customize your aquatic habitat; you should never feel like you have to settle for the same design you saw in someone else’s home or business.

Our custom aquariums design services take into consideration the space that you have, the impression you want to achieve with your tank, and the type of plants and fish you would like to welcome into your space. We make sure that we aren’t just shoving a previous design into your area because it is convenient. Instead, we work with you to bring your fish tank or pond dreams into reality.

Whether you want a small and elegant aquarium for your living room or a dramatic piece of art for your living room, we can help integrate custom aquariums into your home or business, and then populate it with the perfect fish and plants.

Every new aquarium is an opportunity for personal expression and creativity. It is truly a piece of art when a personalized aquatic habitat comes to life. Imagine an aquarium following the curves of your staircase or inset into a bookshelf. Your imagination can run wild when designing your custom aquariums with us. We are truly passionate about everything fish tanks and are excited to design something amazing for you.

Once we have designed your perfect aquatic habitat, the real fun begins. We will work with you to choose the exotic corals, aquatic plants, and beautiful fish that will fill your tank and give your space movement, texture, and incredible visual appeal.

Exotic Corals and Products

The fish may be the stars of an aquarium, but nothing adds beauty, mystery, and texture like exotic corals. Many people have a vision of what they think coral looks like. The reality is that there are dozens of types of corals available and each gives its own appeal and personality to an aquarium.

Exotic corals aren’t just for the fun and beauty of the plants themselves. They also provide valuable hiding and living space for the fish that will live in your aquarium. In their natural environment, fish use coral to create a safe, comfortable space to hide and rest. The goal for creating a healthy and happy aquarium is to mimic this natural behavior as much as possible. Providing corals for your fish will keep them at their peak throughout their life while also adding infinite visual detail to your aquatic habitat.

At Doc Aquarium, we are extremely proud of our exotic corals. In years past, companies had to harvest corals right out of the ocean in order to offer them to consumers who wanted to add natural corals to their aquariums. This damaged the environment and contributed to the decline of the incredible coral reefs. This is not how we provide you with the most fantastic array of corals available. Instead, we raise, nurture, and harvest our own corals.

Our greenhouse is located right in Malibu. Specially designed to cultivate corals and raise fish, this greenhouse allows us to harness the natural power of sunlight to grow the strongest, healthiest, and most beautiful corals. This means that our corals have no impact on the coral reefs or the health of the ocean. The use of the sun also requires low energy, further cementing our commitment to environmental friendliness.

Nurturing our own corals also means that we can provide an incredible range of unique corals with consistent health and quality. From the classic Birds of Paradise to the vibrant Nuclear Green Payls, we offer coral for every type of aquarium.

Aquarium Maintenance


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Poncho Cleaning Malibu Lumber Yard Tanks








Designing and building your dream aquarium is just the start. It is important to remember that your aquarium is filled with living things that need to be taken care of to stay healthy and beautiful over the years. Aquarium maintenance, like design and building, can be quite the undertaking, however, and many aquarium owners aren’t exactly sure how to approach these needs.

At Doc Aquarium, we are dedicated to making sure you start happy and stay happy. Your aquarium is our passion, which is why we offer a variety of aquarium maintenance services and supplies. We also offer comprehensive maintenance services and supplies for your ponds to keep them balanced and looking their best.

If you would like us to take on the responsibility of maintaining your aquarium or pond, let us apply our expertise with one of our maintenance packages. Your package will be designed especially for you depending on the particular needs of your tank or pond. We will visit bi-monthly, monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly depending on the plant and animal life you have chosen for your aquatic habitat.

Don’t worry if you think that your maintenance needs are too simple or too complex! Remember that this is our true passion and that we want your aquarium or pond to be as happy and healthy five years after installation as it was five minutes after installation. That means if you need anything from safely moving your tank to a different room or a completely new house to cleaning and maintaining an enormous showpiece, you can trust us to do what needs to be done quickly, effectively, and at the most competitive pricing.

Of course, we understand that not all aquarium owners want or need someone else to take care of their aquatic habitat. Even if you are already familiar with the maintenance needed, you still need the right products and supplies to provide this care. We offer a huge variety of aquarium maintenance supplies in our full online retail store to help you keep your aquatic habitat at its very best.

For the ultimate in convenience and scheduling when it comes to taking care of your aquarium, we offer our customers in the Los Angeles area delivery for their supplies and even food for their fish. Give us a call and let us help you maintain your beautiful tank or pond!