Maintaining coral reef fishes and invertebrates under natural sunlight produces animals with health and color like no other method can! Pigments are more vibrant, growth occurs faster and the healing processes are nothing short of miraculous! Systems under natural sunlight, like our greenhouse, will dramatically outperform artificially illuminated aquaria. -Anthony Calfo

Our greenhouse has been up and running for 5 years, and we’ve had nothing but success with our coral and fish. We house coral that Doc’s been growing for over 15 years! All the corals are healthy, disease free, and ready to be placed in your own aquarium! 

The greenhouse is in all natural sunlight! At the moment we are in the process of adding a second greenhouse in the property for all our mother colonies. The greenhouse is over 3000 gallons, including a quarantine system. 

Doc Aquarium has been working toward suppling corals with minimal impact on the natural reefs of the world for years. Doc’s greenhouse provides the ultimate environment for coral aquaculture. Harvesting natural sunlight allows a place for plankton and microorganisms to grow and reproduce for corals to feed. Did you know that corals have a symbiotic relationship with zooxanthallate algae? This algae utilizes the sunlight via photosynthesis to produce sugars that feed the coral, and in return, the coral gives the zooxanthallate algae a place to live. What better way to make all this happen than with the good old power of the sun!

Make your appointment today to hand select your corals directly from our greenhouse!


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