Los Angeles Saltwater Fish Tanks

DocAquarium create custom saltwater fish tanks for the greater Los Angeles area. DocAquarium focuses on aesthetic and functionality when customizing saltwater fish tanks in Los Angeles. More than just exquisite custom saltwater fish tanks, DocAquarium do reef designs to those who reside in Los Angeles. From customizing saltwater fish tanks to maintaining them, if your in the Los Angeles area DocAquarium is your one stop shop.

Los Angeles Aquarium Cleaning

DocAquarium provides aquarium cleaning to the Los Angeles area. DocAquarium employees use bio fuel trucks when traveling to the Los Angeles locations for  aquarium cleaning. Los Angeles now can hire professionals to take care of their aquarium cleaning needs.  If in the Los Angeles area call DocAquarium for the best aquarium cleaning.

Pond landscapes by Doc Aquarium

Here are just a few amazing shots of some ponds Doc Aquarium maintains. We grow most of our own aquatic plants. Doc Aquarium maintains amazing Aquatic Koi ponds and planted ponds in all the Los Angeles, Ventura, and Orange County areas. Based out of Malibu we get the experience we need to do the job right.

On site microscopic diagnosis

Master aquarist Kevin Phoenix has been providing aquarium service in the Los Angeles area for over 25 years. Over the years we have acquired so much knowledge about ornamental tropical fish disease.We have worked with some fisheries and Los Angeles tropical fish importers. There are many ways to tell certain standard infections such as the classic ” Ick “(Cryptocaryon irratans), Oodinium ocelatum, or Lymphocyctis. What if you have some sort of  bacterial looking infection but it’s really a parasite? The only way to really tell what a fish has is by looking at the actual parasite through a microscope. We can then properly treat the fish using the right medication once the disease has been properly identified.

Doc’s Coral Farming

Doc Aquarium has been farming live coral since September 2009. Doc Aquarium offers high end Aquarium service in all of the Los Angeles, Orange County,and Ventura areas. Sign up for aquarium service for your living reef tank and receive huge discounts on our farm raised corals.